External Repositories

Migration Policy Institute (MPI)

Founded in 2001, the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) has established itself as a leading institution in the field of migration policy and as a source of authoritative research, learning opportunities, and new policy ideas.

Center on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS)

COMPAS research covers a spectrum of global migration processes and phenomena, from conditions in places of migrant origins, through to institutions and activities affecting mobility, to social and economic effects in receiving contexts.

Center for Migration Studies of New York (CMS)

The Center for Migration Studies of New York (CMS) promotes evidence-based scholarship on international migration, forced displacement, refugee protection and immigration policy and immigrant integration through an extensive collection of publications including original articles, reports, news digests, essays, speeches, and books.

Latin American Social Sciences Institute (FLACSO)

Inter-governmental autonomous organization for Latin America and the Caribbean dedicated to research, teaching and spreading of social sciences and related topics (including migration).

Center for Migration Observation and Social Development in the Caribbean (OBMICA)

A research program on migration for the Caribbean (initiative carried out by FLACSO).

Global Camp Coordination and Camp Management Cluster (CCCM)

The Global Camp Management and Camp Coordination Cluster supports field operations with tools, guidance and capacity building to coordinate and manage displaced populations effectively.

Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development (KNOMAD)

KNOMAD aims to generate a menu of policy choices, based on analytical evidence, evaluation of policies, data collection, and quality control through peer-review. It provides technical assistance and undertakes pilot projects.

International Center for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD)

This Vienna based organization takes a regional approach in its work to create efficient cooperation and partnerships along migration routes. Its three-pillar approach to migration management – structurally linking research, migration dialogues and capacity building – contributes to better migration policy development worldwide.

Maastricht Graduate School of Governance and UNU-MERIT

Focusing on relations between receiving countries (immigration) and sending countries (emigration) and the dynamics of this relationship, MGSOG-UNU-MERIT specifically engages in research on the causes and consequences of migration (including both forced and unforced movements).

Migration Policy Centre (MPC)

Based at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. MPC conducts advanced research on global migration to serve migration governance needs at the European level.

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

Provides information, accompaniment and legal assistance to refugees, asylum seekers and people in need of international protection. Also provides support to increase the capacity to reach those in need.

Scalabrini International Migration Network

A non-profit and apolitical organization of the Congregation of the Missionaries of Saint Charles-Scalabrinians, SIMN aims to safeguard the dignity and the rights of migrants, refugees, seafarers, itinerants and people on the move.

Sussex Centre for Migration Research (SCMR)

Based at the University of Sussex in Brighton, United Kingdom. SCMR aims to be a leader in providing rigorous, evidence-based research to document the richness and diversity of the ‘migration experience’.

Knowledge Hub on Health and Migration

A joint effort between WHO/Europe, the Ministry of Health of Italy, the Regional Health Council of Sicily and the European Commission to build expertise on the public health aspects of migration.

Mixed Migration Hub

Produces knowledge on human rights protection issues faced by people on the move in North Africa for use by policy makers agencies, donors, public and academia.

Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Network (LRMN) Knowledge Hub

Offers resources on issues related to the world of migration, including case studies, practical guides for best practices and important terminology.

Cloud Industry Forum Knowledge Hub

CIF gives access to resources including the latest cloud white papers, cloud research, webinars, guides, case studies, slides and much more covering a wide range of cloud topics.

Border Area Observatory of Dominican Republic

The Border Area Observatory is an academic-institutional space, the purpose of which is to generate systematic information - reliable and timely - of the socio-economic activities of the Dominican-Haitian border territory. Spanish only.