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Cultural integration in maternity health services for the Ngäbe Bugle cross-border indigenous population


The Ngäbe Bugle cross-border indigenous population lives between Costa Rica and Panama moving seasonally between the two territories for harvesting, usually with their families. Faced with difficulties related to immigration status, nationality, gender, racism, and abuses of various kinds due to a lack of knowledge of the Spanish language, this population has limited access to national health services. Therefore, the local hospital and IOM incorporated Cultural Advisors services Ngäbe Bugle women who link the medical team and the indigenous population through support and translation to bring maternity health services closer to this population.

Main Actions
  • Needs assessment
  • Incorporation of the implementing partner Hands for Help
  • Incorporation of the Cultural Advisors profile
  • Cultural adaptation of relevant areas of the hospital
  • Coordination channels with local stakeholders and agencies of the United Nations System (UNS)

Ngäbe Bugle women and indigenous cross-border migrant population in general

Costa Rica