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Communications with Communities (CwC)/Accountability to Affected Populations (AAP Marker)

Thematic Area
Operations and emergencies
Media and Communications

CwC/AAP Marker is a tool that complements Communications with Communities (CwC) and Accountability for Affected Populations" (AAP), to assess the extent to which there is an incorporation of a CwC/AAP approach into a project that proposes extending support in a humanitarian response through communication and engagement with the community. It can also help implementing and professional partners understand whether the CwC/AAP framework has been adequately addressed in the proposal, so it can serve as a guide for integrating the approach.  Related publications: Infographic: Listening to communities... Including their rumors Infographic: What do communities have to tell us? Working with feedback and complaint mechanisms Infographic: Communities at the heart of humanitarian response.

This document is available in Spanish.