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Labour market study in eastern El Salvador - Support Project for Migrant Youth in eastern El Salvador

Thematic Area
Labor mobility and human development
El Salvador

The Labor Market Study in the East of El Salvador was carried out as part of the Support for Migrant Youth Project in the East of El Salvador implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), with funding from the Government of Japan in El Salvador. The initiative includes the provision of full scholarships for technical careers at the headquarters of the Gradual Educational Model of Technical and Technological Learning (MEGATEC by its acronym in Spanish) The Union, as well as the expansion of the offer of short vocational training courses focused on technology and academic levelling programmes for returning migrants; the strengthening of the capacities of MEGATEC La Unión through the installation of a solar energy system, as well as the construction of a dining room and additional classrooms for this campus, aimed at expanding the capacities to serve more young people; and support for decision-making and the design and implementation of evidence-based public policies and collaboration among key actors to develop holistic responses to address the drivers of youth migration in the east of the country, under a human security approach.

This document is available in Spanish.