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Cross-border Roundtables


Considering the high levels of human mobility, trade, and transportation in the border communities between the Dominican Republic and the Republic of Haiti, IOM developed the MDTs. This initiative seeks to establish spaces for dialogue between the communities of both nations at the four official authorized border crossing points to foster binational cooperation and avoid the escalation of conflicts through peaceful resolution. Additionally, the MDTs were established to facilitate harmonious coexistence, good neighborliness, and cultural exchange between both nations.

Main Actions
  • Preparation of the Crossborder Roundtables
  • Establishment and strengthening of the Crossborder Roundtables
  • Promoting the sustainability of the Cross-border Roundtables
  • Communication of the Cross-border Roundtables

Non-governmental organizations, Civil Society Agencies, United Nations System (UNS) Agencies, Centralized Government Institutions, local authorities (municipalities), business organizations, migrants, and their families.

Dominican Republic