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Strengthening of border capacities


This systematization consisted of strengthening the competences of border institutions and teams in order to provide better assistance to migrants, as well as a better institutional response through a series of activities carried out by IOM in the Dominican Republic.

Focused on providing assistance to Haitians in situations of mobility and vulnerability at border points between the two countries, various actions were carried out such as a Border Monitoring Network, Border Resource Centers, cross-border dialogue tables with civil society agencies from both countries, meetings with local governments, training of officials in the border provinces, among others.

Main Actions
  • Work with the Border Monitoring Network
  • Installation of Border Resource Centers
  • Organization of cross-border dialogue tables with Haitian and Dominican civil society agencies
  • Training for officials in the border provinces
  • Haitian migrants
  • Border dwellers
  • Haitian descendants born in the Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic