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Migration Governance Indicators Profile 2021 | Republic of Nicaragua

Thematic Area
Policy, governance and liaison, and legal
Migration Data

This migration governance profile presents a summary of the well-developed areas of Nicaragua’s migration governance structures, as well as areas with potential for further development, according to the evaluation carried out by the Migration Governance Indicators (MGIs). MGIs are a set of approximately 90 indicators that help countries assess their migration policies and contribute to the discussion on migration governance by defining what could be a "well-managed migration policy". The incorporation of target 10.7 in the 2030 Agenda created the need to define "well-planned and managed migration policies". Therefore, in 2015, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) developed a Migration Governance Framework (MiGOF). The Framework offers a concise approach that allows States to define the essential elements that form the basis for a well-managed migration policy.  MGIs help countries identify good practices as well as areas with potential for development and provide a clear vision of the policy instruments that countries can use to develop their migration governance structures.

This document is available in Spanish.